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Specialists in Brand, Identity and Information Development, Design & Delivery.

Strategically driven, creatively delivering, BlackPear views design and creativity not just as creating something that has some kind of aesthetic value but something that forms the very core of the company's DNA and own direction. It's interwoven into every facet and corner of it's people and business delivering well crafted brands that deliver business success.

Originally formed in 2009 as a general creative product outlet company led into niche markets with a number of simple ideas, the desire to create manifested in BlackPear quickly developing and growing to the successful full service driven brand management and visual communication company seen today with a wide range on offer and happy clientele expanding throughout New Zealand and globally. Pulling from and developing through many years of past and ongoing training and experience in the industry, BlackPear ensures client's needs continue to be met and surpassed and loves nothing more than becoming good friends with the very clients it serves.

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